Overview of Modern Javascript Tooling


From The Hitchhiker's Guide to Modern JavaScript Tooling

JavaScript newcomers are often people coming from communities like Ruby and Java where opinionated, full-stack solutions exist. Frameworks like Ruby on Rails provide a lot of features out of the box - in fact the problem you may have with JavaScript is caused by that. You do not think about the building tools for your code - your template language processors, asset pipeline, cache middleware and a lot other things are pre-configured for you and they work transparently.

JavaScript tooling often consists of small tools, utilities and libraries that combined builds your code to be used in a browser. They allow you to rebuild your project after changes, run your test suite, hot reload your code and so on.

Here's a good article that overviews on the current state of modern Javascript tooling.

Part of what makes Javascript extremely powerful and what attracted me to it is its flexibility and lack of opinions. This can make it difficult for a beginner to get started since so little is given to newcomers. Projects like Yeoman help a lot in getting things off the ground for new developers or seasoned ones trying out a new framework or tool. Personally, one of the first things I do when checking out a new Javascript framework is look for Yeoman project featuring it to get up and running quickly.

The source of this site currently using quite a few of the tools mentioned in the article. Feel free to check it out or fork.