Overview of Modern Javascript Tooling


From The Hitchhiker's Guide to Modern JavaScript Tooling

JavaScript newcomers are often people coming from communities like Ruby and Java where opinionated, full-stack solutions exist. Frameworks like Ruby on Rails provide a lot of features out of the box - in fact the problem you may have with JavaScript is caused by that. You do not think about the building tools for your code - your template language processors, asset pipeline, cache middleware and a lot other things are pre-configured for you and they work transparently.

JavaScript tooling often consists of small tools, utilities and libraries that combined builds your code to be used in a browser. They allow you to rebuild your project after changes, run your test suite, hot reload your code and so on.

Here's a good article that overviews on the current state of modern Javascript tooling.

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Happy 2015!!!


Happy New Year! I'm excited to relaunch my personal website. Here's the "stack" I decided to go with:

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Browser Caching



Many assets on webpages are static files (Javascript, CSS, images, etc). This type of content can and should be cached. Caching saves on bandwidth and provides a better user experience. The HTTP Specification RFC2616 allows for caching at many levels. This article will focus primarily on requests made by user-agents / clients and corresponding responses from origin servers.

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I'll call your 1mm and raise you a Retina Display


Alleged iPad 3 casing photo appears, sources say coming soon with improved GPU but no quad-core, thicker profile

The iPad 3 rumor mill is heating up. From the Verge's Joshua Topolsky:

The new iPad will be touting that double resolution display — a true iPad Retina Display, clocking in at 2048 x 1536 — the device will be nearly physically identical to its predecessor, but the slate will be about one millimeter thicker overall.

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Apple Q1 2012 Earnings


Apple Q1 2012 Earnings Call

Apple's Q1 2012 Numbers are nothing less than amazing.

iPhones sold: 37.04 million (17.07 million last quarter)

iPads sold: 15.43 million

Macs sold: 5.2 million (4.89 million last quarter)

iPods sold: 15.4 million (up from 6.62 million last quarter, but down 21% year over year)

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On Batteries


Are Expensive Batteries Worth the Extra Cost?

Wired puts bargain-basement batteries versus the likes of Duracell and Energizer.

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Hello World

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Why hello there


Why hello there. (Taken with instagram)

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